Zero Sugar Diet: Ideal for your Dental Health?

Zero Sugar Diet: Ideal for your Dental Health?

There are so many diets available now with the same goal in mind; to lose weight. But do you know that there is a diet that can also help you maintain healthy teeth and gums? This is the zero sugar diet. Is this even achievable and true?

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What is zero sugar diet?

This sugar-free diet is popularized by health-conscious advocates who think that sugar is the main culprit as to why most people are obese. This diet cuts back on sweet and starchy foods like cakes, bread, rice, pasta, and other high-carbohydrate foods. Doing so will theoretically let your body break down protein and fats, making you lose weight.

Is this diet beneficial for your dental health?

Since sugar is the favorite food of bad bacteria that cause tooth decay, cutting down on your consumption of sweets is generally favorable for your dental health. Bacteria that cause acids that in turn damage the surface of the teeth causing decay and cavities will be lessened and eliminated with the aid of proper brushing and flossing.

Is this a healthy diet to maintain?

zero sugar dietMost adults all over the world consume carbohydrates and sugar more than the recommended amount per day. Sugar is converted to energy, and carbohydrates, when broken down is converted to simple sugars as well, so many believe that eating these foods would make them stronger. But in truth, these foods, when consumed in excess, can cause further damage than benefits. For instance, a high intake of sugar can lead to diseases like diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, fatty liver disease, among others.

Taking care of yourself through a healthy diet is very important, but there are certain parameters on how we can properly take actions safely and effectively. Talk to your doctor and dentist about your plans and discuss with them all your concerns so they can guide and educate you appropriately.

Common medications that may cause tooth decay

Common medications that may cause tooth decay

For many, overall health entails daily trips to the gym, eating a balanced diet and making sure they are free from illness. However, something that is often overlooked is oral health. In the pursuit of health, people sacrifice so much money and effort to buy medications to rid their bodies from sickness, but unknowingly they are causing more harm than good to their teeth. For tips on how to take good care of your oral health, call up BID’s clinic in Castle Hill today.

Dry mouth and how it can affect teeth

Good tooth health is maintained thanks to saliva. This fluid protects teeth from harmful bacteria and also helps repair the damage caused by the never-ending assaults of these bacteria. To be honest, medications themselves do not have any direct impact on tooth health. However, there are over 500 types of medications that can cause dry mouth. It is this lack of saliva that can cause tooth decay.

Medications that cause dry mouth

Pain medications

People take pain medications without batting an eye, but then little do they know that one of the side-effects of these medicines is dry mouth. These are some medicines that cause tooth decay.


Chewable antacids may contain sugar that can destroy the enamel coating of teeth. On top this, they can cause acid-reflux that can lead to tooth erosion.

Antihistamines and decongestants

Antihistamines block the release of saliva, causing dry mouth and weakening the defense of the teeth against bacteria.

Blood pressure medicines and antidepressants

The medicines under these categories share the same side-effect of dry mouth.

A dry mouth is like Pandora’s box for bad oral health

medications that cause tooth decayNow that patients can be aware that dry mouth causes tooth decay, they will be better able to manage how they take their medication. It is possible to switch to another medication, have a lower dosage or maybe even change the time of dosage. There are many other ways such as applying a fluoride gel or brushing more frequently. It is wise for patients to ask their doctors for advice if they are experiencing dry mouth.

The top portable exercise equipment you can use at home

The top portable exercise equipment you can use at home

For some, exercising is so difficult and challenging. The travel from home to the gym, the body pains after a tiring workout, and the gym membership fee do not seem to be attractive for other people. But for health enthusiasts, having a balanced diet when you eat and exercise is a way of life. That is why they find ways to bring their workout anywhere they go. Here comes the advantage of having portable exercise equipment at home.

Here are some pieces of portable exercise equipment that you can have at home. Some can be portable enough that you can practically put it in your luggage anytime you travel or work.

Jump rope. This childhood toy we use to play before can now be incorporated as a cardio workout.

Resistance bands. These elastic bands are medical-grade and are first used as part of physical and occupation therapy. As workouts become intense and several PTs are now teaching how to work out by yourself and everywhere you go, mini resistance bands are now available for anyone to use.

Fitness tracker. It started with a pedometer, then an app from a shoe brand, and now a company started Fitbit. This motivational tool that looks like a bracelet or a watch tracks down all your activities in walking or running. You can wear it even if you are not working out just to feel inspired to add some more steps to your everyday stride.

Exercise ball. Boxing, Pilates, yoga, and aerobics use this exercise tool. Abs exercises and other core strengthening gym moves can be done at home using this health tool.

Swimming cap and goggles. If your destination has a swimming pool, why not add this leisure exercise on your list? Having this set of swimming paraphernalia tucked with your swimsuit makes it easier for you to take those extra laps as a form of relaxation and workout.

portable exercise equipmentTraining shoes. What good is a piece of exercise equipment if you cannot be as steady as you move. Shoes intended for running, working out, or playing sports are all designed to make it easier for you to perform these activities. Choose a heart-pounding exercise or workout that suits you and bring reliable footwear with you.

Comfort Food Causing Oral Discomfort

Comfort Food Causing Oral Discomfort

Everyone has what they call comfort food. It has always been there to help us with the tough times. But as satisfying as our comfort food is for our hearts, it may cause discomfort for our bodies. Our mouths, in particular, are our first line of defense. Mobile Mouthguards team advises that you should lessen consuming these foods to avoid oral health problems.

Here are some comfort foods causing oral discomfort:

  1. Ice cream

ice creamWe were all guilty for eating one tub of ice cream by ourselves even just once. This cold sugary treat gives us the right kick of joy when we’re down. But sugar is your teeth’s number one enemy.

The sugar we crave so much is also what gives the bacteria on your teeth something to munch on. These bacteria then create acid that can destroy the protective layer of your teeth. Thus, causing discomfort.

  1. Mac and Cheese

mac and cheeseWe all loved mac and cheese as a kid. Nothing could beat the satisfying pull of a perfect cheese string. But be careful with your pasta intake.

Pasta is rich in starch. This starch will then turn into sugar that can, again, feed the bacteria. This comfort food can also get stuck on the small spaces of our teeth and help speed up tooth decay.

  1. Pizza

pizzaA lot of people will argue that pizza is God’s gift to man. But this heavenly treat can cause one of the most painful experiences in our mouths, burns. When you see a steaming hot pizza box in front of you, don’t eat it yet. No matter how upset you are.

If you rush into eating it, it might burn your hard palate which is the roof of your mouth that can cause quite a discomfort. It might not make you rush to the hospital, but it will stop you from enjoying your meal.

As filling as comfort foods are, it’s best to think first before you chew because comfort food that can cause oral discomfort or worst, permanent damage to our mouths, might not be as worth it as you think.

Disadvantages of Organic Food

Disadvantages of Organic Food

With the wider usage of artificial enhancers in the food industry, more and more people are looking for more natural and preservative-free foods. With different studies showing the harmful effects of the preservatives, the interest for organic foods is increasing rapidly among the general public. People rush into the decision to buy something, labeled “Bio” or “Organic” without thinking much about the disadvantages of organic foods. You can visit a dietitian for more information about organic foods.

One of the most obvious disadvantages we can see is the price. Most of the times organic foods are more expensive, in comparison with the conventionally grown food.

The list of reasons behind this is quite long. In the conventional farms, there are a lot of production-optimizing treatments that are strictly forbidden when it comes to organic farms. Those enhancers are the main reason behind the big quantity of foods that conventional farms manage to produce.

Everybody who has been in a farm knows how much effort and time it requires to grow a high-quality production and despite the hard work the production is still going to be lower in comparison with a conventional farm’s.

Industrial pesticides, herbicides, and other chemicals are lowering the average cost of the production tremendously because they protect the crops and makes it almost impossible for them to get damaged.

disadvantages of organic foodAnother one of the disadvantages of organic foods is that they cannot last nearly as long as conventionally grown foods. This fact comes from the previous factor – lack of preservatives and other enhancers. This leads to wasting of a lot of food if it is not consumed in time, which can double your groceries spending.

Taking this into consideration it’s clear what are the main disadvantages of organic foods. If somebody wants to consume food that is good for the health and tastes better, those are some inconveniences they should be prepared to face.