An autoclave sterilizer is a pressured chamber which, as the name says, sterilized the objects put inside. In the case of sterilizing food, the autoclave sterilizer can reach high temperatures and due to that and the high pressure, it removes all living being from the food. Autoclave sterilizers are used in a wide range of fields from medicine to food industry. The most common autoclave sterilizer is found in kitchens and it looks like a big pressure pot. For more variety of autoclaves you may visit

How does an autoclave sterilizer work?

The food is put inside them, most of the times in a jar or a conserve or any other similar form of storing. The autoclave sterilizer is hermetic shut. All the air inside him is removed and its replaced with hot steam. The change is necessary in autoclave sterilizers because the steam needs less time and energy in order to remove all the microorganisms in the food. The autoclave sterilizer is then heated to around 120 at a constant pressure around 4-5 atm. In less than twenty minutes the food should be sterilized and ready to store. This depends on the model, size, food type, etc. This method has been used in peoples homes from around 1960 and by big companies from the beginning of the twenty century. autoclave sterilizer

What purposes an autoclave sterilizer has?

The main purpose of an autoclave sterilizer for food is the fact that it eliminates all the bacteria, fungus, germs, etc. from the food, making it safer and making it lasts longer. It is also used to cook food because the food in the cans put inside the autoclave sterilizer cooks at the high temperature.

The autoclave sterilizer is heavily used in any other area that includes biological factors like chirurgical industry, tattoo industry, dental cabinets, etc.