First of all, about 40% of all fertility problems affect men. Health problems or age can hinder human fertility. The key is a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle to avoid infertility. The quality of sperm and low sperm are directly related to eating habits. For example, those who consume a small number of vegetables and fruits are more likely to suffer from this problem. However, these fertility smoothies can help you increase the probability of pregnancy.

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This is a vegetable which is considered to increase the amount of sperm. In ancient times, this vegetable is widely used in the treatment of infertility. There is also a large amount of vitamin C, which helps in increasing the mobility of sperm and vitality. The best way to capture this beautiful vegetable is a salad.


Short-term zinc reduction can affect the level of testosterone and reduce the amount of sperm. Cashew Zinc is a rich source. Zinc is an essential mineral for health and male fertility. It is also believed to increase the level of testosterone. If you add it to your diet, then cashew nuts will not hurt.


Known as super-sexual food, it contains selenium and vitamin B6. Mineral antioxidant, Selenium stops the injury of sperm and increases the sexual virus, and Vitamin B6 helps in strengthening the immune system and controlling the hormones. Garlic is an excellent source of allicin, which increases blood flow in the genital organs and therefore, allows for superior functioning. Spray the chopped garlic for your favorite recipes to get the best results.


Oysters are also an excellent source of zinc, which is essential for making outer layers and tail of seeds. 15 mg oyster one day can help repair sperm, which has been damaged by the chemicals absorbed by the environment and makes them more healthy and active.