Breast surgery, like any other surgery, involves skin incision. Therefore, scars are inevitable. You may take breast surgery for breast reduction or enhancement. Either of them, you will have scars after the surgery. However, this does not mean you will be stuck with them for the rest of your life. There are things you can do to minimize them during and after the surgery.

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Your first assignment is to seek a qualified and experienced surgeon. It’s obvious that experienced surgeons will leave you with fewer scarring compared to inexperienced ones. There are two techniques of breast surgery that leaves different scars.

breast surgery scarsShorter-scar technique

The shorter-scar technique involves small incisions. The method is used when you are experiencing breast sagging, and you only want a minimal or moderate reduction of your breast size. Therefore, since the incisions are small, the scarring occupies a small area of your breast.

Large-scar technique

This method entails more incisions resulting in wider areas of scarring. Although you might see this procedure as more extensive, the additional incisions only happen underneath your breast.

Does the scarring change over time?

If the scars remain untreated, they might now become more noticeable. They are also worsened by smoking, excess scrubbing, tanning and scratching the area. You can take care of your scars and reduce their appearance using the following post-care techniques.

Scar massage

This is a method that involves massaging your scars gently using your fingertips. You massage them vertically, horizontally and in circles. The techniques improve collagen production and decrease discomfort.

Scar gels or silicone sheets

Scar gels and silicone sheets are scars solution. Silicone sheets are a form of bandages that have silicone to help dehydrate the part with scars and make your skin more flexible. They also help to reduce pain and other discomforts.


It’s important you embrace wearing sunscreen daily. UV rays may darken your scars and make them more noticeable.

How to remove breast surgery scars

Your doctor can remove your breast scars by carrying certain medical procedures. The procedure will leave new scars that are smaller and less noticeable. You may also undertake laser therapy, topical bleaching medications or chemical peels.

Scars after the surgery are unavoidable. However, having the right plastic surgeon may help you have minimal scarring. Your surgeon may also provide you with the tips for caring for your scarring to boost the healing process.