Nose contouring tips

Nose contouring tips

To many of us, face makeup is unavoidable. Whether you want to change the appearance of your eyes, nose or cheeks, you have to use the makeup. Now, do you want to make your nose small or big? This is up to you, Face makeup is known to change one’s appearance, but the most amazing fact is that makeup is inconstant. This denotes that you can perfectly change the look on your face when you apply any makeup. To contour any part of your face, just mark it up to proceed with the process.

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Let’s get into nitty gritty of nose contouring tips.  

Apply a primer

Before you start the process, prep and prime the base of your nose. Make sure you use an oil-free primer for perfect application. Apply the matte primer first and proceed to add the foundation. After applying foundation, follow to add a setting powder.

nose contouringBlend

This is a number one trick you should be aware of. Whether it’s a chisel-shaped nose or a longer one. Blending towards inside will make it narrower and give it the perfect shape. For an amazing look, blend the contour and apply a light foundation later.

Begin with your brows

To equalize both sides of your nose, begin contouring your forehead and move downwards to the tips of your nose. Proceed to contour below the nostrils to make it slimmer.

Move your brows

Try to bring your brows closer to your nose. It’s a very simple trick to make your nose appear slimmer. The closer- together your brows are the narrower your nose becomes.

Apply a concealer

Use a concealer on your face that light than your skin color. Apply on either side of your nose and set it with a bright powder. This makes it appear thinner.

By applying one or all of the above strategies, you will definitely have a perfect look on your face.

Breast surgery scars

Breast surgery scars

Breast surgery, like any other surgery, involves skin incision. Therefore, scars are inevitable. You may take breast surgery for breast reduction or enhancement. Either of them, you will have scars after the surgery. However, this does not mean you will be stuck with them for the rest of your life. There are things you can do to minimize them during and after the surgery.

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Your first assignment is to seek a qualified and experienced surgeon. It’s obvious that experienced surgeons will leave you with fewer scarring compared to inexperienced ones. There are two techniques of breast surgery that leaves different scars.

breast surgery scarsShorter-scar technique

The shorter-scar technique involves small incisions. The method is used when you are experiencing breast sagging, and you only want a minimal or moderate reduction of your breast size. Therefore, since the incisions are small, the scarring occupies a small area of your breast.

Large-scar technique

This method entails more incisions resulting in wider areas of scarring. Although you might see this procedure as more extensive, the additional incisions only happen underneath your breast.

Does the scarring change over time?

If the scars remain untreated, they might now become more noticeable. They are also worsened by smoking, excess scrubbing, tanning and scratching the area. You can take care of your scars and reduce their appearance using the following post-care techniques.

Scar massage

This is a method that involves massaging your scars gently using your fingertips. You massage them vertically, horizontally and in circles. The techniques improve collagen production and decrease discomfort.

Scar gels or silicone sheets

Scar gels and silicone sheets are scars solution. Silicone sheets are a form of bandages that have silicone to help dehydrate the part with scars and make your skin more flexible. They also help to reduce pain and other discomforts.


It’s important you embrace wearing sunscreen daily. UV rays may darken your scars and make them more noticeable.

How to remove breast surgery scars

Your doctor can remove your breast scars by carrying certain medical procedures. The procedure will leave new scars that are smaller and less noticeable. You may also undertake laser therapy, topical bleaching medications or chemical peels.

Scars after the surgery are unavoidable. However, having the right plastic surgeon may help you have minimal scarring. Your surgeon may also provide you with the tips for caring for your scarring to boost the healing process.

Nausea after eating sugary foods

Nausea after eating sugary foods

With each passing day, there is more and more evidence that sugar is bad for you. In the majority of cases, it takes time before sugar seriously damages your health. Teeth are the first to get affected tho. You will know some tooth problems brought about by eating too much sweets when you visit to read about sugary foods. But if you’re having nausea after eating sugary foods you might want to check with your doctor. There could be a lot of reasons why you feel this and here are some of them below.

Diabetes mellitus

Doctors hypothesize that a large number of patients who suffer from diabetes do not even know that they have it. Diabetes makes your body resistant to insulin, making it difficult for your body to deal with sugar. This leads to high amounts of sugar in your blood. One of the symptoms of such a condition is also nausea, along with fatigue, thirst, and blurred vision.

Dumping Syndromenausea after eating sugary foods

This type of condition can only develop in overweight patients who had undergone surgery to remove parts of their stomach. This makes their stomaches almost unable to cope with a larger amount of sugar like foods. Nausea, along with abdominal cramps or diarrhea can develop instantly after eating foods rich with sugar. Other symptoms include a faster heart rate, vomiting, and dizziness.

Fructose intolerance

Fructose is one form of sugar that is usually found in a lot of processed foods. If your body can’t absorb it, you will experience pain in your stomach, constipation, nausea and more. It is harder to diagnose this condition since it varies on a person to person basis.

If you experience nausea after eating sweets be sure to check with your doctor. It could be something harmless, but potentially it could be something serious like diabetes. Sweets are in general bad for your overall health, look to avoid them as much as possible.

Knowing what is endoscopic sinus surgery

Knowing what is endoscopic sinus surgery

The main purpose of the endoscopic sinus is to open up the nasal passage to allow proper drainage. An endoscope is a small flexible tube with a light and a camera at the end to enable the doctor to see inside the nose. Small incisions are made inside the nose to allow the endoscope to get in the nose. The doctor usually removes polyps, thickened mucous membranes, and cysts or creates a new passage. Visit our experienced surgeons rhinoplastbrisbanecost clinic to know more about this medical procedure.

The surgery usually lasts between one to three hours and the patient is put under general anesthesia. This operation can be performed hand I hand with another operation like adenoidectomy, tonsillectomy, septoplasty or insertion of ear tubes. Some patients sleep in the hospital after surgery while others prefer staying for only a couple of hours then get discharged.

What to expect after surgery

Clear fluids will be given for the patient to drink in the recovery room. You might not be able to breathe properly, experience difficulty in swallowing and have a sore nose. Antibiotics are prescribed to prevent any infection if there’s some pain some medicine is administered to relieve pain. Once discharged and at home, you are expected to lie in a lifted position with pillows at the back of your head. This position helps one in fluids drainage, breathing and reduce swelling.

endoscopic sinus surgeryWhen to seek medical help

When you notice bright red blood from the nose or mouth if the patient has impaired or double vision, if the nose experiences persistent leak of clear fluid, in case of a barky cough, wheezing or excessive crying, severe vomiting, signs of dehydration and high temperatures. These signs might occur but provided they are not in the extreme you are okay. You are also advised to do follow up visits as prescribed by your surgeon.

Risks and side effects of sinus surgery

Recurrence of sinuses infection, excessive dryness or chronic nasal drainage, bleeding, failure to resolve the problem, permanent numbness of the face, upper teeth or palate and lastly, impaired hearing. These complications rarely happen so you can go for surgery without being worried. Be sure to get your sinuses removed in a certified hospital or clinical center.

Pros and Cons of Fat Transfer to Breast

Fat transfer to breast has to be one of the most popular breast augmentation options for women who dislike the idea of breast implants. It essentially involves harvesting fat from the thighs, tummy or hips and having it injected into the breast so as to increase its size. For anyone who’s considering going through with this procedure, having some information regarding the Pros and Cons associated with it can be very helpful. You can also check this site for additional information.


  1. fat transfer to breastIt’s an all-natural procedure. Since this procedure involves the use of fat harvested from your own body tissues, the end results tend to look and feel very natural.
  2. Can aid in reshaping the body. Women who decide to go ahead with this procedure can benefit from having less fat in the areas where it has been harvested from. This could mean smaller thighs, tummy or hips as a result of the procedure.
  3. Minimal scarring. Harvesting and injection of fat are done by making very tiny incisions which leaves very minimal scarring on the areas involved.
  4. Fewer complications as compared to the use of implants. Since no implants are involved, there are no risks of rupturing, malpositioning of the implant or capsular contracture.


  1. It increases the breast size by one cup size. Therefore, for women who are looking a substantial boost to their breast size, this procedure might not be the best option for them.
  2. Injected fat might end up being absorbed. Some of the fat that’s injected to the breast area will survive while some of it might end up being absorbed by the body. This means that surgeons can’t guarantee the ultimate breast size that the procedure will result in.
  3. More than one procedure may be required to attain the desired breast size. Due to the unpredictable nature of this procedure, multiple procedures may be needed in order to reach the desired outcome.
  4. More expensive option. This procedure generally costs higher than that of breast augmentation using implants.
What You Should Know About Botox Brow Lift

What You Should Know About Botox Brow Lift

Every time you look at yourself on the mirror, you will always notice if there any changes on your face. Many people are always keen on their appearances and the face being the most outstanding part of the body, it is important to keep it looking as appealing as you would want to be.

But what if one morning you notice there are wrinkles, drooping or fine lines on the skin around the eyebrows? Well, as we age, the skin’s tightness reduces, and it is an inevitable process. Nevertheless, there are various ways to maintain that youthful look and one of them is going through a botox brow lift.

This is a non-surgical process that helps to get rid of the frown lines between the eyebrows by injecting Botox around the area which is sagging so as to smoothen the skin around the brows.

This procedure is however not only limited to particular ages, as some may get it so as to change the shape of their eyebrow arches so as to get a refined look.

How does it work? 

Essentially, what the botox does is to relax some muscles surrounding the eyes that help to raise and lower eyebrows. It causes the nerve impulses in the muscles to block, and this reduces the activity which usually results to frown lines. It is a very quick procedure, and the results stay for a period of 3-6 months.

botox brow liftWhat are the pros? 

Before going for a botox, you should identify the right doctor who is highly skilled. Some of the advantages of this are:

  1. You experience less pain and discomfort during the procedure.
  2. It is less expensive than normal surgery
  3. It is very quick.

What are the cons?   

Just like any other procedure, this also has its disadvantages which are:

  1. It is a temporary solution as it lasts for a short time.
  2. You may end up spending more money if you need constant touch-ups.
  3. The injected area may swell or get an infection

Having mentioned all these, you need to note that this procedure isn’t ideal for everyone. You need to tell your doctor if you have any health complications.

Also, avoid this procedure have you have any allergic reactions to botox ingredients, skin infections, bleeding issues, respiratory problems such as asthma or you have undertaken any facial surgery.