For many, overall health entails daily trips to the gym, eating a balanced diet and making sure they are free from illness. However, something that is often overlooked is oral health. In the pursuit of health, people sacrifice so much money and effort to buy medications to rid their bodies from sickness, but unknowingly they are causing more harm than good to their teeth. For tips on how to take good care of your oral health, call up BID’s clinic in Castle Hill today.

Dry mouth and how it can affect teeth

Good tooth health is maintained thanks to saliva. This fluid protects teeth from harmful bacteria and also helps repair the damage caused by the never-ending assaults of these bacteria. To be honest, medications themselves do not have any direct impact on tooth health. However, there are over 500 types of medications that can cause dry mouth. It is this lack of saliva that can cause tooth decay.

Medications that cause dry mouth

Pain medications

People take pain medications without batting an eye, but then little do they know that one of the side-effects of these medicines is dry mouth. These are some medicines that cause tooth decay.


Chewable antacids may contain sugar that can destroy the enamel coating of teeth. On top this, they can cause acid-reflux that can lead to tooth erosion.

Antihistamines and decongestants

Antihistamines block the release of saliva, causing dry mouth and weakening the defense of the teeth against bacteria.

Blood pressure medicines and antidepressants

The medicines under these categories share the same side-effect of dry mouth.

A dry mouth is like Pandora’s box for bad oral health

medications that cause tooth decayNow that patients can be aware that dry mouth causes tooth decay, they will be better able to manage how they take their medication. It is possible to switch to another medication, have a lower dosage or maybe even change the time of dosage. There are many other ways such as applying a fluoride gel or brushing more frequently. It is wise for patients to ask their doctors for advice if they are experiencing dry mouth.