It is important to follow the recommended diet after wisdom teeth removal. This article will talk about the right food you can eat after you have your wisdom teeth extracted. If you or one of the people you know needs wisdom teeth extraction, you can refer to this link after reading the article, for more information about what happens during a wisdom tooth extraction.

When is a wisdom tooth extraction needed?

Most of the time, wisdom teeth do not cause any inconvenience, so they do not have to be removed. However, some people experience pain in their wisdom teeth. This is when extraction is needed.

The food you can have after the surgery

Warm soup. Having soup is a good way to get the necessary nutrients your body needs while avoiding to irritate the site of your extraction. Blended vegetable soups work best because there are fewer chances of any food particles getting stuck and accumulating on the extraction site.

Broth. Broth is also a good way to get nutrition without irritating the extraction site and prevent issues like dry socket. Just make sure that the soup or broth is not too hot so you don’t irritate that after wisdom teeth removal

Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is good for digestion and good for your tooth extraction site. Its cool temperature will provide some relief from the pain or discomfort you might be feeling as well.

Mashed potatoes and other mashed vegetables. Mashed vegetables may seem like baby food, but you can make them delicious by adding spices. 

Applesauce. You can have applesauce as a soft sweet treat that will not disrupt the healing process of your gums.

Scrambled eggs. These are rich in protein and are a good way to get yourself full by not eating too much.

Cottage cheese. Cottage cheese is a good dairy product that can help you add some flavor to the meals you have as you recover.

Boneless fish. As long as these fish do not require too much chewing, you can be sure they are safe for you to eat while your gums recover from surgery.

The food you should avoid

Spicy food. Spicy food can irritate your extraction site. These kinds of food can cause pain and discomfort that can hinder the recovery process.

Hard and crunchy food. You should avoid food that is crumbly and can break up into little pieces as you chew. These small particles can get stuck in the nooks and crannies of the extraction site, and you might have a hard time removing them. They can potentially cause infection if they are not cleaned away properly.

Chewy food. These kinds of food can have you accidentally bite your cheek as you chew them. You can hurt yourself if you bite your tongue or the sensitive parts of your cheeks, especially if the extraction site is still numb.

Alcohol. Drinking alcohol during the recovery can interfere with the pain medication that is prescribed by your dentist. This is why you should avoid drinking alcohol during your recovery.

If you have just had a wisdom tooth extraction, you must follow your dentist’s instructions for your recovery. This is to be sure that no infections develop on the extraction site and the healing process goes as planned. Get it checked by a dentist if you still experience pain and mildness in the area.