What are the food people can eat after having a wisdom tooth pulled? This article will talk about the proper diet after wisdom tooth extraction. If you enjoy reading this article, you can read more about the topic by clicking on this link.

What is wisdom tooth extraction?

Wisdom teeth seldom cause trouble for patients. Many people can live their entire lives without experiencing any trouble concerning their wisdom teeth. The only reason why some people will have to get their wisdom teeth extracted is if they cause pain for the person. Many people experience wisdom teeth that are impacted. This means that their wisdom teeth did not crown out of the gums.

Many reasons can cause impacted wisdom teeth, such as the teeth being too big for the jawbone of the person. In most cases, wisdom teeth will need to be extracted because of the pain they cause to the patient. A dentist may also recommend the removal of wisdom teeth if they see that the wisdom teeth will cause potential problems for the person in the long run.

Foods to eat after the procedure

It is a good idea to eat foods that will not irritate the wisdom tooth extraction site. If irritation occurs, it may lead to infection or hinder the healing process.

Soft food. Eating foods that are not hard will give you the nutrition you need while not irritating the gums that may still be sore from the procedure. Examples of this type of food are soft pieces of bread, fruits and other types of food that do not require very much chewing to be eaten.

Food that is not too hot or too cold. The diet after wisdom tooth extraction should consist of foods that do not have extreme temperatures. Food that is either too hot or too cold may trigger sensitivity. The nerves that surround the extraction site may still be sensitive, and eating food that is too hot or too cold will cause discomfort in your mouth.

Foods to avoid after having a wisdom tooth extracted

Keep in mind that you need to avoid food that can cause infection and irritation to the extraction site.

diet after wisdom tooth extraction

Hard food. Food that is too hard may also cause your extraction site irritation. If you accidentally chew on the side of your mouth with the healing gums, the hard food may turn into sharp particles that can cause the gums to bleed.

Food that is crumbly. If you eat crumbly food, there may be food sediments and particles that will be left on the healing site, this can cause infection if they are not cleaned away properly.


The dentist will usually provide a list of the food you can eat and the ones you should avoid. Following this list of instructions will help your mouth heal better and in a shorter amount of time. If you have any questions about the food you can eat, you can ask your dentist before going home after your wisdom tooth extraction surgery.