Welcome to the IMA’s Online Distant Healing Clinic

The Online Distant Healing Clinic is a public service for people who wish to give or receive free distant healing or healing prayer, or who wish to request that others in need receive distant healing or healing prayer.

Prayer and other varieties of distant healing are among the oldest forms of health and wellness care. Much clinical research is now underway examining the medical effectiveness of distant healing or healing prayer. Since distant healing does not require the giver and receiver of care to be in the same room (or even the same continent for that matter), the Internet can provide an effective medium for connecting those in need of healing with the many distant healing resources below.

For this reason, we have titled our initiative the Online Distant Healing Clinic. To our knowledge it is the only resource on the Internet that attempts to provide people of all faiths and backgrounds with opportunities to give or receive free distant healing or healing prayer. We would like to see free Clinics such as this one appear on medical websites around the world, and encourage healthcare websites everywhere to link to the resources below in order to provide additional options for healing. The IMA grants permission for this web page to be copied onto websites everywhere.

If you would like to suggest additional websites to include in our Clinic, or if you would like to write to us about a healing experience you or others have had through using our Clinic, please e-mail our Administrator at Admin@integrativemedalliance.org. For details on our website selection criteria, click here.

By providing these links, the Integrative Medicine Alliance has no affiliation with and makes no endorsement of any religion or faith, business, organization, practitioner, product, or therapy linked to below. The IMA reserves the right to remove any link. We urge you to contact your physician and/or health team before trying any new therapy or health practitioner. If you do decide to seek treatment from a practitioner or organization listed below, please notify your physician and/or health team so that you and all healthcare practitioners may work together to help maximize your healing process.