Dry eyes can cause irritation, stinging, and burning sensations in your eyes. If you notice this symptom, taking dry eye supplements may help improve your condition. In fact, your eyes need minerals and vitamins to reduce your chance of having problems and protect your vision. So, if you have dry eyes and looking for a proper way to boost your eye health, you can visit Dr. Anton’s eye clinic. Getting an eye checkup will help treat your dry eye symptoms and identify early eye diseases. Find out more in this article about the different vitamins and supplements to help ease dry eye issues.


Vitamins and Supplements for Dry Eyes

Many people all around the world suffer from dry eye syndrome. In fact, it is a common eye disease that may happen when your eyes do not produce sufficient tears or make the right kind of tears. This syndrome can cause pain and irritation in your eyes.

Fortunately, there are numerous ways of dealing with your symptoms. This incorporates taking various vitamins or supplements for dry eyes, such as:


Vitamin A

Vitamin A is essential for eye health. It is a fat-soluble vitamin that your body needs to make tears and lubricate your eyes. In fact, a vitamin A deficiency can prompt eye problems such as dry eyes.dry eye supplements

In addition, Vitamin A can improve the smoothness of the tear film, the thin layer of fluid on the eye that helps tear formations.

If you are taking vitamin A, do not take over 10,000 IU to prevent toxicity. This is because it can build up in your body since the nutrient is fat-soluble.


Vitamin D

Like Vitamin A, Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin that can build up in the body. You can get Vitamin D by exposing your skin to the sun or from supplements and some foods.

Vitamin D deficiency may cause dry eye symptoms. However, according to a study, oral vitamin D supplements improved tear quality and symptoms of dry eyes. It can also enhance the impacts of lubricating eye drops, another treatment for dry eyes.


Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 is a water-soluble vitamin that is essential to your health. In fact, it helps the body produce DNA and nerve cells.

Deficiency in this nutrient can cause severe dry eye symptoms and eye pain. Nevertheless, the combination of oral vitamin B12 supplements and artificial tears improved symptoms of dry eyes. This can also assist with decreasing the burning sensation related to dry eye syndrome.


Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 gives structure to cell membranes and diminishes inflammation in the body.

According to the studies, fish oil supplements are commonly consumed nutritional supplements since they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. This nutrient can improve symptoms of dry eye syndrome in people with rosacea and computer vision syndrome. Omega-3 fatty acids can also reduce the rate of tear evaporation.

Furthermore, ophthalmologists and other eye health specialists generally suggest 1,000 milligrams of omega-3 fats every day. You can get this nutrient from nuts or fish, such as salmon, an excellent source of protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids.


Home Remedies for Dry eyes

Besides taking supplements for dry eye, you can likewise try other home remedies to lighten your manifestations. These include:

  • Applying artificial tears to improve your eye lubrication.Taking supplements after a meal.
  • Using a humidifier to increase moisture in the room since dry, warm air can worsen your side effects.
  • Wearing protective eyeglasses to shield your eyes from the wind since they can further dry out your eyes.
  • Avoid smoking and going near an air conditioning unit
  • Blink frequently to lubricate your eyes.
  • Take breaks when using digital screens.
  • Avoid using the smartphone or computer for an extended period.
  • Staying hydrated or drinking a lot of fluids to support tear production.
  • Massaging your eyelids to lessen dry eye side effects and help lubricate your eyes.
  • Applying or placing a warm compress on your eyes to give some relief.


When to See a Doctor

Suppose home remedies do not help treat your dry eye symptoms. In that case, it is better to seek medical help in Southbank’s trusted medical clinic, Omnicare Medical, to get proper treatment. In addition, you have to see a doctor if you have:

  • worsening eye pain
  • persisting or worsening eye irritation
  • sudden changes in vision
  • severe eye redness

These signs and symptoms may occur because of a more severe underlying condition. Your doctor may write prescription eye drops to help your eyes make more tears. In other cases, your doctor may suggest punctal plugs or surgical treatments. These medical procedures work by keeping tears in your eyes.



Taking some nutritional supplements can help treat moderate dry eye symptoms. Vitamin B12 may reduce burning sensation, while Vitamin A may increase tear production. In addition, both Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acid supplements may help decrease inflammation.

However, if you have severely dry eyes or your vision changes, book an appointment with your doctor right away. It would also be best to speak with a doctor before taking any vitamins and supplements for dry eyes. Your doctor can identify the appropriate supplements for your health.



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