Invisalign consists of clear aligners that you wear, and they straighten your teeth just like metal braces. They provide invaluable benefits to your teeth in a comfortable. You will need to wear them throughout several months before your teeth are fully straight. Presented here in this article are several steps of how to eat with Invisalign.

The clear Invisalign aligners can accommodate meals and eating times. For braces, remove your brace before enjoying your meal. Invisalign adjusts to the way you eat because they can be removed before each meal. It is recommended to remove the aligners, so they are not damaged while you are chewing your food.

Cleaning the aligners on a regular basis is important. Though no food or particles can be seen on the aligners, there might still be bacteria or plaque residing in them. These can damage your teeth and harm the gums. Wash them every day, so the risk of diseases is contained.

Eat with invisalignMost patients do not stick with just one aligner throughout the treatment; they have a series of them in which they replace one set for the next one. This is how most Invisalign treatments work. You will most likely have several sets of aligners with your treatment schedule. Follow this schedule closely and replace the aligners when needed, this ensures better results and keeps your teeth from having the same aligners on.

Though you can remove your aligners for meals or cleaning, you should leave them on for most of the day. Most patients wear their aligners between 20 and 22 hours per day. To make this easy, you can set a timer when you have them out. The timer will alert you if you have gone on too long without replacing the aligners or putting removed ones back on.

One final note is to continue enjoying your regular life. Invisalign aligners are made to blend with what you do day-to-day. No one will notice you’re wearing and they are not uncomfortable at all. The best way to live with Invisalign is to pretend it is not there at all!