A lot of people have pale or yellow looking teeth. Drinking too much coffee or smoking are the main reasons behind such teeth conditions. No matter the reason, it’s easy to get rid of stained teeth through the whitening procedure by visiting the dentist. However, you need to follow a white diet after teeth whitening in order to show off dazzling results of the procedure.

Why teeth are vulnerable even after whitening?

During the first 48 hours of the whitening procedure, your dentures will look amazing. Also, they’ll soak up the colors of whatever you drink and eat. The reason is your tooth enamel becomes more porous because of the whitening process. As such, it’s likely to absorb and soak pigments from beverages and foods. Staying away from most of the vibrant foods is necessary right after the whitening procedure.

Components of the white diet after teeth whitening

Eat only beige, white and light food items right after the whitening process. The same rule is applicable for beverages too. Here’s a list of the white diet items to follow to harvest better results.

Breakfast: Bagel, scrambled eggs, plain yogurt or vanilla, cereal with milk, water, green or white tea, or apple juice.

Snacks: Chips, bananas, crackers, pears, and apples. white diet after teeth whitening

Lunch: White cheeses, sandwiches, rice and veggie dishes, clear soup, and pasta with cream sauce.

Dinner: Chicken, white fish, white pizza (with cream sauce), and potatoes.

At the same time, certain foods and drinks should be avoided after the teeth whitening procedure. Common items include black tea, black coffee, dark sodas, dark chocolate, soy sauce, ripe berries, red wine, tomato sauce, turmeric and curry, tobacco and cigarettes, and dark beer.

Bottom line

Teeth whitening deliver promising results and whiten your teeth. However, you should stick to a white diet after teeth whitening for a specified time in order to get the best results. Just be sure you check an ideal white diet (mentioned above) after teeth whitening, and you could get a white and bright smile for a long time.