Fat transfer to breast has to be one of the most popular breast augmentation options for women who dislike the idea of breast implants. It essentially involves harvesting fat from the thighs, tummy or hips and having it injected into the breast so as to increase its size. For anyone who’s considering going through with this procedure, having some information regarding the Pros and Cons associated with it can be very helpful. You can also check this site drbreastaugmentationperth.com.au/about-us/ for additional information.


  1. fat transfer to breastIt’s an all-natural procedure. Since this procedure involves the use of fat harvested from your own body tissues, the end results tend to look and feel very natural.
  2. Can aid in reshaping the body. Women who decide to go ahead with this procedure can benefit from having less fat in the areas where it has been harvested from. This could mean smaller thighs, tummy or hips as a result of the procedure.
  3. Minimal scarring. Harvesting and injection of fat are done by making very tiny incisions which leaves very minimal scarring on the areas involved.
  4. Fewer complications as compared to the use of implants. Since no implants are involved, there are no risks of rupturing, malpositioning of the implant or capsular contracture.


  1. It increases the breast size by one cup size. Therefore, for women who are looking a substantial boost to their breast size, this procedure might not be the best option for them.
  2. Injected fat might end up being absorbed. Some of the fat that’s injected to the breast area will survive while some of it might end up being absorbed by the body. This means that surgeons can’t guarantee the ultimate breast size that the procedure will result in.
  3. More than one procedure may be required to attain the desired breast size. Due to the unpredictable nature of this procedure, multiple procedures may be needed in order to reach the desired outcome.
  4. More expensive option. This procedure generally costs higher than that of breast augmentation using implants.