Most people believe that once a dental surgery is done, everything is back to normal. What they failed to realize that in a lot of cases, the instructions on the post-treatment procedure are more difficult to follow compared to before the treatment was implemented. For example, you need to consider the right food after dental surgery. A famous dentist from No Gaps Dental’s clinic in Hornsby, NSW has emphasized on the most recommended food you can eat.

If the oral surgery you went through is not really that complicated, such as wisdom tooth removal or tooth extraction, you can slowly go back to your regular diet in a week after your surgery. However, if your case is quite complicated, the best recommendation is to go back to your usual diet after six weeks. But before you can go back to your old diet, here are some suggestions to what you can eat and drink the meantime.

Fresh Smoothies

Many people have that misconception that once a surgery has been done, you need to consume ice cream or milkshakes. However, this is not recommended if you’re on antibiotics and this medication is prescribed in most post-operative dental procedures.

Instead, you can pacify your aching gums or teeth through fresh smoothies filled with yogurt that’s rich in probiotics. You can supplement your drink with Greek yogurt accompanied with natural sweet additives such as banana or any frozen fruit. Since using a straw is not recommended, make the consistency thinner by adding water or milk.


The best kind of eggs as food after dental surgery would have to be the scrambled soft type. Simply stir the eggs until they’re firm enough. Then, add your favorite cheese before you place it on your plate. You might want to add some half-sliced avocado to make the meal after dental surgery


Cheese is one of the best sources of probiotics. If you’re craving for some snacks, cottage cheese would be a great idea. You can actually swallow small pieces of it, or shred it as an addition to your soft diet meal.


If you’re tired of eating eggs all the time, you can replace it with some nice delicious oatmeal. However, it’s not recommended to opt for steel-cut oats since swallowing it can be very challenging. Go for some basic soft oatmeal types and you can add it up with some fruits like mashed blueberries or bananas.

Mashed Potatoes

The famous mashed potato is a good idea to eat when you just had your dental surgery. But instead of going for those instant types, try making your own while you’re still on the recovery stage. With as little as three ingredients, you can make those delicious, soft and creamy mashed potatoes using a hand blender.

Once you’ve created your mashed potatoes, you might want to add some herbs or minced bacon. Just make sure that they are finely diced.

You may think that your diet after the surgery is limited, but it’s not. If you’re unsure on what to eat, it’s always best to consult your oral surgeon. Don’t worry. There are plenty of choices to choose from.