As you are on your way to achieving that beautiful smile, it’s vital to ensure that you keep the braces in perfect condition at all times. However, certain types of food that, when taken, can damage the brackets or wires of the braces. This may also turn your oral hygiene routine into a nightmare.You can read about what to eat at Dental Wellness so you’ll know what to include in your diet. But in the meantime, you can pay attention to the food to avoid with braces. Below are a few in the list.

1. Acidic beverage

Acidic drinks such as soft drinks, lemonades, sports drink, and energy drinks are harmful to teeth with braces. You will notice that after removing the braces, there will be white spots left on the teeth. The spots are as a result of essential minerals stripped off from the teeth. This may lead to the development of bacteria, which may lead to cavities.

2. Sticky and hard candy

Sticky candies such as gummy bears, taffy, and caramel are harmful to the braces as they may pull off the brackets. On the other hand, hard candy bends the wires of the braces. The sugar in the candies can also lead to the formation of plaque and coating around the braces. Food to Avoid With Braces

3. Chewy and hard foods

The braces are delicate and should not be put under pressure when chewing or biting foods. These foods may bend the wires and even pop off the brackets. You should also understand that even fruits that may be thought to be healthy and require biting can damage braces. However, this does not mean that you should forego healthy foods/fruits that require biting, just find another way of eating them.


As you are taking care of the braces, you should have a water pick or an inter-dental toothbrush with you. This will help to remove food particles easily that are stuck in the braces. Don’t let bad foods delay your orthodontic treatment; pay attention to the food to avoid with braces.