These are sometimes referred to as third molars. These are the last teeth to emerge. Most have four of them and they grow at the corners of the mouth at the back of the gums. They often grow in odd angels due to small space at the back of the mouth. These teeth if impacted they can cause a lot of problems like infection, infect and affect neighboring teeth, clouding, or decay since they hard to reach when cleaning. These are the reasons why most people get them removed. The Hornsby family dental clinic suggests that unless wisdom teeth cause any problem do not disturb or remove them.

After the removal of these teeth, you should keep your health up by getting the right nutrition even though that there are some foods that you will never consume. Not to worry cause because these nutrients can be found in other easy to use foods. These will reduce swelling, and help the wound heal. Below is a brief discussion of food to eat after wisdom teeth surgery.

food to eat after wisdom teeth surgery

1. Mashed potatoes: These root vegetables can be comforting after the removal. For they are rich in nutrients and calories important for your tooth recovery. They will help in energy build up since after surgery one requires energy top up. With potatoes you one can consume many nutrients in a few bits.

2. Scrambled eggs: These are a source of quality protein, minerals, and vitamins. These tend to have large quantities of omega 3 fats, that will aid in healing.

3. Mashed bananas: They are soft and easy to chew. They are nutritious and provide a large verity of vitamins and minerals like potassium, vitamins (B6), folate and manganese. Mashing them will reduce the discomfort of jawing.

4. Avocado: There is one fruit that has low carbs compared to other fruits, instead its high in fats and healthy at that. The smoothness of these fruits makes them easy to chew especially after tooth surgery. They are a great source of vitamin C, potassium and vitamin K.

5. Smoothies: These can boost your nutrition as you struggle to eat a solid meal. Not only are they versatile but easy to consume and prepare. Try a verity of these smoothies.