It is important to take note of the food to eat after wisdom teeth removal. A patient cannot just eat their regular diet so as not to irritate the wound on their gums. If you are going to have a wisdom tooth extraction surgery, you can read about what foods to avoid at, to better prepare yourself for your procedure.

Food to eat after wisdom teeth removal

There are a number of foods you can eat right after your wisdom tooth operation. You do not have to go on a boring diet while you recover from your wisdom tooth extraction. Here is a list of the food to eat after wisdom teeth removal procedure.

Warm soup and broth. Having a warm bowl of soup or broth can be a great meal after a wisdom tooth surgery. Just make sure that the soup or broth does not have anything that can irritate the surgery site. Just make sure that the temperature of the soup or broth is only warm, not hot. Liquids that are too hot stand to cause irritation to the to eat after wisdom teeth removal

Yogurt. This cold treat is perfect for you to eat right after your procedure because it is delicious and it soft. It has a creamy texture and can help soothe any pain or discomfort you feel on your gums. Avoid getting any fruit particles into the surgery site and you would be safe not to cause any infection or irritation.

Mashed potatoes. You can have mashed potatoes as a meal after your procedure. It is a root crop that is high in nutrients and it is very common comfort food. Similar to the soup and broth, make sure your mashed potatoes are just warm or cold, so you do not risk irritating the area of the surgery.

Scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are the perfect food to have after your procedure because they are very easy to eat. Just chew a little bit and then swallow. You do not have very much risk of getting any into your surgical site, and they provide protein, which can aid in a quicker recovery.

Applesauce and mashed bananas. You can have your daily dose of fruit without having to chew. This might seem like baby food, but for the time being, while your gum is recovering, it would be the best option to get your fruit fix.

Banana ice cream. If you do not like your bananas in mashed form, you can opt for banana ice cream. The coldness can numb any pain or discomfort you feel and at the same time, you can also enjoy a healthy dose of ice cream.

Smoothies. As for your beverage, you can enjoy a smoothie. It is not hard, so you are not at risk of hurting your surgical wound. Smoothies are highly versatile. You can choose to have a fruit smoothie or a vegetable one. Both healthy options would be the perfect drinkable snack while you recover from your wisdom tooth removal procedure.