Go foods are one of the food groups we know to maintain a balanced diet. A balanced diet involves the appropriate combination of all three food groups. Furthermore, we have to eat healthy foods so that our body will stay strong and free from health issues. If you want to know various alternatives for all your health care needs, find out more at www.healthon21.com.au. Their health care services cover all stages of life.


Go foods

Pasta everyone! Let's savour this meal together.Overall, we have three food groups. The Go, Grow and Glow foods. These three groups compose various healthy foods that play vital roles to keep us in excellent health condition. This article will focus on Go foods, but it doesn’t mean the other two groups are unnecessary. All of them are essential to the body.

It is the food group that provides energy so that an individual will remain active each day. These foods contain fats and carbohydrates, where the energy source will come from. In effect, they can get sufficient energy to stay active and remain fit to do exercises.

This food group is the foundation of a healthy diet. From the name itself, “Go”, we can quickly understand this name as healthy foods to make us move. For example, this food group is beneficial to individuals who do physical labour, children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Aside from providing energy, this food group is essential to maintain the healthy function of the brain. In effect, it can continuously provide the fuel necessary to keep the body moving. However, if we are not eating healthy foods, there is no way to maintain the body in good shape.


Examples of Go foods

The following are the foods that fall under this food group. Eat any of them sufficiently to maintain a good level of energy throughout the day.

All of these are only a few healthy sources of energy. There could be more of these sources to keep the body constantly active. According to studies, adults need about 255 to 325 grams of carbohydrates a day.


Importance of a balanced diet

A balanced diet will help you acquire the nutrients that your body needs. As a result, you can keep it functioning correctly. Without this, our body will be prone to disease, infection, fatigue, and low performance.

In actuality, if children won’t get enough healthy foods, this will lead to growth and developmental problems, poor academic performance, and frequent infections. Moreover, if the parents won’t do anything about this, their children will carry unhealthy eating habits until they grow old.

A balanced diet usually includes plenty of fresh foods and limited processed foods. Healthy foods, including the three food groups, are beneficial to keep the proper supply of nutrients to the body. However, we cannot remove the fact that we don’t have enough education to prepare a balanced diet.

For this reason, it would be best to ask a physician or nutritionist to help you create a balanced meal for the whole family. They will surely provide you with recommendations to enhance your overall health.



All three food groups are essential for the body. In this case, the next thing we have to do is identify how to prepare them in a balanced way. Since each food group plays individual roles for our health, it would be best to know how to include each of them in a meal.

In general, balancing a meal is essential to ensure that the body will receive the right amount of nutrients from each food group. Eating healthy allows a person to live a longer life in the long run.