It’s quite obvious that everybody wants to have healthy teeth. But many find asking themselves, what do healthy teeth look like? Dental care speaks a lot about our overall health. To prevent possible development of dental problems, visit for more info. Now if you want to know whether you have healthy teeth, then grab a mirror as we start to examine the signs of healthy teeth.

1. Sturdy teeth
Healthy teeth shouldn’t be loose at all. Just wiggle some teeth’s in your mouth and if you find any shaking or loose, then you should see a dentist. This also applies to fillings and crown. We know that dental fillings sometimes dislodge and fall out or become loose. This harbors bacteria that may lead to decaying of teeth if not treated

2. Firm gums and dental tissues
You don’t have to forget your gums if you want to keep your teeth healthy. The gums play a crucial role in holding your teeth’s together. To know if your gums are healthy, slide your finger just across the gums. If you feel they are firm and painless, then your gums are healthy. To add on that, your gum should have a pink color. Any color either white or read is a sign of unhealthy gum and teeth.

3. No blood during flossing and brushing what do healthy teeth look like
Bleeding is caused by plaque buildup on the gum line. If you notice blood when brushing or flossing, you should visit a dentist. This will help prevent gingivitis on your teeth. Use a toothbrush with soft bristle and brush in a circular motion.

4. No smelling breath
How do your teeth smell? A foul smell is a sign of bacteria and tooth decay that are untreated. This is always a gum disease that is at the early stage of development. Visit your dentist for proper medication if you sense any foul smell. Don’t hide the smell by using mints and mouthwash.

Now you know what healthy teeth look like. You should take the necessary step to ensure they remain healthy. In case you notice any problem discussed above, then you should sacrifice some of your time and visit a dentist.