There are different medical systems and through the allopathic medical system is used extensively, there are many who prefer the homeopathic and ayurvedic treatment system, since these medicines may not have major side effects. One of the most common health problems which are faced by a large number of people is toothache since it can be caused due to a number of reasons like cavities and tooth fracture. Hence many people who prefer homeopathic medicines are interested in finding out the homeopathic remedies for toothaches which are more effective.

Some of the remedies for tooth pain which are recommended by homeopathic doctors are:

homeopathic remedies for toothachesPlantago is the most extensively used medicine for toothache since it helps to alleviate the pain in the teeth. It is also used for treating decayed hollow teeth. It may be combined with spigelia and magnesia phos if the pain in the teeth will extend to the ears or other parts of the face.

Silicea is used for treating an abscess in the teeth, due to which pus will accumulate and cause pain while eating

Chamomilla is the recommended medicine for extremely severe pain in the tooth, which is unbearable for the patient, who will cry loudly. It may be combined with coffee for patients who experience pain after eating hot food

Staphysagria may be used for patients who have sensitive teeth. These teeth are usually not causing any pain, yet when the patient is eating food or drinking beverages, the teeth will start paining, so the medicine will treat this specific condition.

Merc sol is recommended for patients who have a foul odor from their mouth, and a lot of salivae is formed in addition to painful teeth. Merc sol may be combined with Staphysagria for treating decaying teeth.

Arnica and Hypericum may be used for treating the mouth after the tooth has been extracted and is also used for ensuring that the filling of the tooth is proper.