Sugary foods can lead to tooth decay. So, we should know how many levels of sugar should we let our bodies take. Let us know what should we ponder about sugar intake.


Too much sweetness

In the chance that you are eating too many foods with sugar, let us know if it is still within our body limits.

Added sugar is sugar and syrup added to foods or beverages taken by people. They produce foods containing these such as sugar-sweetened beverages, baked goods, desserts or sweets, like chocolates or candies. Foods that do not naturally produce sugar are those where added sugar is present. Examples of naturally making sugar are fruits, vegetables and milk. We should strictly monitor the daily consumption of added sugar.


But why do many foods need added sugar?

First, it gives the baked goods its required flavour, texture, and colour as well. Second, it helps preserve fillings, such as jams and jellies. Third, sugar is a factor affecting fermentation and makes the bread rise. Fourth, it is the bulking agent for baked products and ice cream. Lastly, adding sugar serves as the balancer among the acidity present in the foods. Generally speaking, it makes the food look more appetizing.

We are not aware that overeating processed sugary food does not guarantee any nutrients added to our body. An individual’s excessive consumption of foods with added sugar may lead to significant complications in the body. It will result in requiring treatments in the long run. We should be aware of the essential facts in consumption levels of sugary food to avoid complications. We will have the other details about health concerns discussed in the latter part of the article.

Inclusion of the added sugar in the nutrition facts label indeed should make sense. We have to read this and know its importance. People can monitor the amount of that food they can consume. It is better to be knowledgeable enough about it than be sorry in the end. We should only maintain the required level of sugar inside our body.


Sugary foods and beverages

People have this typical addiction to eat foods or drink beverages containing sugar. The best example of sugary drinks is soft drinks. As defined, soft drinks are those beverages which are nonalcoholic.summer soft drinks Soft drinks originated to reduce the hard-drinking habits of early Americans.

In the long run, as years passed by, people found their way to discover new categories of soft drinks. However, people acquired health issues as the side effects of these discoveries due to the presence of sugar. People develop health issues as a result of not having a balanced diet, especially eating sugary food and beverages.

Sugary foods and beverages taste sweet; however, the harmful effects are quite enormous. These lead to life-long medications.


Health issues inclined

Below are the complications a person may get a hold of due to inadequate consumption of foods and beverages with sugar.

  1. Obesity: Tremendous increase in weight is the number 1 side effect of too much sugar consumption. People develop obesity from overeating but have minimal movements. Obesity does not only affect physical appearance. The greater risk is the health problems alongside obesity. Heart disease, diabetes high blood pressure or cancer, in particular, are few of the health problems arising along with obesity.
  2. Tooth decay: Too much sugar content causes infection to our teeth. It allows rapid growth and multiplication of bacteria existing inside our mouth. Cavities will occur in no particular time, mainly if they do not observe proper oral health practice and regular visits to the dentist.
  3. Poor nutrition: sugar that does not naturally occur to the food we take is not healthy. It does not contribute nutrition value to our body that we develop health issues. Under those circumstances, our poor nutrition results in various cases that sometimes require lengthy and costly medications.
  4. Facial problems: High consumption of sugary foods and beverages are also associated now to increased occurrence of acne. Acne occurrence can lead to lower self-esteem.
  5. Affects some organs: For instance, the liver and kidney are affected. Excess glycogen inside the liver is turned into fats and causes overload that makes the liver fatty. On the other hand, kidneys are affected due to high blood sugar levels. These organs will fail if we don’t control our sugar intakes properly.

There are many more associated health issues with eating too many sugar-filled foods and beverages. Now, how can we correct it? What can we do to prevent it? Read more below to be guided.


Daily consumption allowed

Every individual has different levels allowed to eat sugar-filled foods and beverages per day. It even differs between men and women. According to an organization named the American Heart Association, men are allowed to have 150 calories per day, equivalent to 37.5 grams or nine teaspoons. As for women, they are only allowed to have 100 calories per day, equivalent to 25 grams or six teaspoons.

However, we can encounter variation with total measurements at some point. Some individuals can take a lot of sugar without causing any harmful effects to them, while others have need to avoid them as much as possible. Our consumption per day of what we eat is not easy to monitor. You needed to balance what you eat per day, like food with sugar, calories and carbs. The total amount should meet the standard.

On the other hand, information and researches are supporting the study for the allowed sugar consumption per day. Researchers also include studies about how excessive consumptions affect the overall health of an individual. These researches help bring changes to an individual’s consumption. They learned to balance consumption as well as maintain the right amount only.

Also, we should reduce our daily sugar intake by avoiding sugar-filled drinks, avoiding packaged foods, such as candies, chocolates, cookies, etc. Lastly, look for natural alternatives that you can use instead of sugar. It may be hard to do it at once being a lover of sweets. However, we have to think of the health benefits we will gain. It will help you live a longer life.

Researchers and organizations have provided guidelines, especially the internet, to emphasize the need to monitor the daily consumption allowed. We can be informed and be knowledgeable through the help of these resources, adding the instructions from your physician. An example of that is the non-profitable organization in the United States. Please continue reading to know more about them and their advocacies.


American Heart Association to the rescue

Americans are a few of the people who immensely love to eat sugary foods. For this reason, the American Heart Association exist. They have been encountering several patients with a heart disease condition long before they found this association.sweetness in our hearts

American Heart Association is a non-profitable organization in the United States that do medical researches in line with cardiovascular issues. They also provide education to individuals about maintaining a healthy living. The volunteers in this organization exert efforts and dedication to prevent the increase of disability and deaths out of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Six cardiologists found and established this non-profitable organization. The number of volunteers and supporters are continuously increasing. Therefore, their ability to help save and improve lives is also growing. They have a strong motivation to decrease the number of deaths and heart failures by sharing information that can be applied by every individual.

The organization is focused on improving the quality of life and gives its best shot to maintain it. This organization proves to save or prevent humanity from suffering from various health issues.


Maintaining a healthy diet

All of us have to maintain a healthy diet. It would help if you had discipline and dedication. We will not succeed in maintaining a healthy diet if we are not dedicated to it. We should eat the right amount of food with sugars, and more of the fruit and vegetables. It is now, or never! Don’t let sugar destroy your white smile and good looking body.