What are the causes a person is addicted to chewing ice? Is chewing ice bad for your teeth, and how can it be treated? Chewing or eating ice can have a bad effect on your tooth enamel and overall oral health. Check out Bondi Beach Dental’s site to know what other habits are bad for your teeth enamel.

It is always refreshing to have a cold drink with lots of ice in it, on a hot day. And sucking an ice cube when you are sick, lessens your dry mouth. Then how about chewing or eating ice? Is chewing ice bad for your teeth? Chewing or eating ice is a sign that you have a medical condition of being a compulsive eater of hard ice. And it is a sign to seek emergency help. Also, craving or eating ice is a sign of iron deficiency. And chewing on ice will eventually lead you to have dental problems like damaged on your tooth enamel or tooth decay. Seek medical help when you feel that your chewing ice cravings are too much.



is chewing ice bad for your teethIs chewing ice bad for your teeth? According to Dental Excellence in Woden, ACT chewing hard ice can cause you to have dental problems, such as tooth decay or damaged tooth enamel, and affect your overall oral health. Let us explore what causes a person to chew on ice, and these are as follows.


Iron deficiency anemia

Iron deficiency anemia is anemia linked to being the cause of why a person has a compulsive habit of eating ice. Anemia happens when there are no healthy red blood cells in your blood. And so, individuals with iron deficiency anemia have no iron to supply in their blood. Researchers have found that chewing or eating hard ice is a triggering factor for people who lacks iron, as chewing ice can transmit more blood to their brain.



Pica is a form of eating disorder where individuals suddenly eat one or more non-foodstuffs like paper, ice, ash, clay or dirt. And under pica, there is a medical condition of compulsively eating on hard ice, which ice water or snow, called pagophagia.


Symptoms of pagophagia

Pagophagia is a medical condition where a person compulsively craves or chews on hard ice or even drinks cold or sugary beverages. Pagophagia is also considered linked to iron deficiency anemia, and you may have symptoms that result from the lack of iron. Here are the symptoms of pagophagia.

  • Your skin will have a pale in colour or pallor.
  • You will feel weak and becomes fatigued.
  • Pagophagia will make you feel shortness of breath, pain in your chest and a fast-beating heart.
  • A sore or swollen tongue.
  • Feel of being lightheadedness or dizzy.
  • Have a poor appetite when you have pagophagia.
  • You’ll have cold feet or hands.


Causes of pagophagia

Here are some causes of pagophagia, and these are as follows.

  • Anemia during pregnancy is sometimes linked to pagophagia.
  • Pagophagia may also cause a symptom of an emotional problem, such as stress or obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Chewing or eating ice is bad

Is chewing ice bad for your teeth? Chewing or eating ice can cause you to damage your teeth and acquire dental problems. Here are the reasons why chewing ice is bad for your teeth.

is chewing ice bad for your teeth

  • Damage to your tooth enamel is one result of compulsively eating or chewing hard ice if your teeth’s enamel ruins, then your teeth and over oral health will be prone to diseases and infections.
  • Chewing ice can lead to a chipped tooth or cracked teeth. It also possible that you will fracture or chipped your tooth when you chew ice.
  • Damaging your gums may result from chewing or eating ice. When you chew ice, you put pressure on your gums to result in your gums’ recession. A gum recession results from an eroded gum tissue from gum disease, traumatic injury or genetics. If you have gum recession, your gum will be sensitive especially to hot or cold stuff.



Is chewing ice bad for your teeth? Chewing on ice is bad for your teeth and seeing your dentist can treat your damaged teeth and help you with your cravings for ice. Visit this site: https://mydentistwestryde.com.au to ask for more information. Here are some of the ways you can treat your chewing of ice.

  • Find out why you crave or chew on ice as chewing ice bad for your teeth.
  • If you have pica or pagophagia, then a talk to a therapist might help you.
  • A visit or a talk to your dentist will help you treat your damaged teeth and chewing of ice.