To many of us, face makeup is unavoidable. Whether you want to change the appearance of your eyes, nose or cheeks, you have to use the makeup. Now, do you want to make your nose small or big? This is up to you, Face makeup is known to change one’s appearance, but the most amazing fact is that makeup is inconstant. This denotes that you can perfectly change the look on your face when you apply any makeup. To contour any part of your face, just mark it up to proceed with the process.

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Let’s get into nitty gritty of nose contouring tips.  

Apply a primer

Before you start the process, prep and prime the base of your nose. Make sure you use an oil-free primer for perfect application. Apply the matte primer first and proceed to add the foundation. After applying foundation, follow to add a setting powder.

nose contouringBlend

This is a number one trick you should be aware of. Whether it’s a chisel-shaped nose or a longer one. Blending towards inside will make it narrower and give it the perfect shape. For an amazing look, blend the contour and apply a light foundation later.

Begin with your brows

To equalize both sides of your nose, begin contouring your forehead and move downwards to the tips of your nose. Proceed to contour below the nostrils to make it slimmer.

Move your brows

Try to bring your brows closer to your nose. It’s a very simple trick to make your nose appear slimmer. The closer- together your brows are the narrower your nose becomes.

Apply a concealer

Use a concealer on your face that light than your skin color. Apply on either side of your nose and set it with a bright powder. This makes it appear thinner.

By applying one or all of the above strategies, you will definitely have a perfect look on your face.