After a stressful day, one could not excuse the luxury of drinking wine to ease off the stress. It’s easy to relax and enjoy your dinner night with a bit of wine as well. Be careful though, avoid too much red wine or coffee that stain your teeth or else, you may want to get too teeth whitening too much. How do you get to remove those red wine stain teeth problems? It’s easier than what you may think of. Dental cleaning is available at home and you can do it yourself. The rest of your wine drinking habits may resume and enjoy your life with these oral hygiene tips from us. Infinity Dental Care near Seven Hills offers professional teeth whitening at an affordable price. Check out their website to learn more.

Why Does Red Wine Stain Teeth?

What makes red wine red? Anthocyanin is the red pigment found in grapes. The ingredient anthocyanin combined with tannin, it makes the red wine stick to a person’s teeth. Another cause for the red wine stain in teeth is the acidity of the drink. Since it is acidic, it makes a person’s enamel decay and dissolves through every glass. Even white wine is more acidic than red but it doesn’t stain teeth as much as red wine does. Enamel is prone to erosion which makes the anthocyanin and tannin stick even more.

Tricks on Removing Wine Stains

Are you ready for the surprise? Yes, it is possible for red wine stain on teeth to be removed as efficiently as possible. Since red wine is similar to coffee, tea, and soda, we know how addicting the drink is. So don’t even think about limiting yourself to your favorite stress-reliever. There are also other discoveries for you to enjoy such as wine wiper/cleaners and eating cheese to combat the pigments. Drink away as you are definitely going to benefit from these tricks.

Brushing before drinking

Dentists recommend that before drinking that sip of wine, it is better to brush your teeth first. It helps dissolve any bacteria or cavity buildup as well as coating your teeth. Brushing with whitening toothpaste even increases the protection on your teeth’s enamel. Make sure that you are doing this before and not after as it may lead to even more teeth stains.

Eating veggies is more than just nutrition Brushing Teeth Before Dinner To Remove Red Wine Stain On Teeth

Who says that vegetables are just for your physical body’s nutrition? Surprise, surprise! Eating crunchy greens with fibrous components encourages saliva production on your mouth. While drinking wine, don’t forget to eat your veggies too. The more the saliva is present in your mouth, the less the tannin and anthocyanin will stick on a spot. However, we’re keen on you taking less sugar as that instead promotes bacteria buildup.

One wine at a time

If you are enjoying your night with your partner, probably you should check the wine you’re drinking. The darker the pigment is, the higher will it stain your teeth. Some wine with high alcoholic levels also contains more concentration in acid. Don’t abuse your teeth’s enamel and stick to drinking less wine per week to remove red wine stain on your teeth.

Not All Teeth Are The Same

On the flip side, the truth about pearly white teeth is all about a person’s genetic build. Some people’s teeth are really colored darker than what most people have. It is necessary for a person to check their teeth by finding a dentist near you. Brushing with the right dental products also goes a long way. Floss and rinse after 30 minutes or so after every meal and you’ll maintain those pearly white teeth in no time.