When a patient undergoes rhinoplasty, there are usually some bruises and swelling associated with the procedure and patients should expect some initial discomfort. Patients should be aware of the healing period after the operation. This usually takes about two weeks. It’s advisable to withdraw the appropriate time from work and social activities. Fortunately, some suggestions can help facilitate the healing process a little.

What to eat after rhinoplasty surgery?

Follow a low salt diet

In the weeks following rhinoplasty patients should avoid eating food diets that are rich in sodium because it causes water retention, which can increase the swelling, resulting in discomfort. Patients should also be sure to drink plenty of water during rhinoplasty healing time.


The surgeon’s advice of taking “Arnica” which is a herb which reduces the bruising after surgery. So it’s a good suggestion for rhinoplasty healing time.

Rhinoplasty Healing TimeUse of appropriate steroids

Steroids can keep the swelling at bay. It’s important to know from your doctor if it is okay to use steroids’.  Make sure you eat healthily and drink plenty of fluids during recovery. Your body must be nurtured to help with the healing process. A healthy diet will help you keep going by keeping your attention and vibrant.

Frozen peas

You can also try a bag of frozen peas or any other kind of frozen vegetables. In addition, frozen peas will not exert so much pressure on the nasal structure. In any case, always follow the instructions of your doctor.

Natural healing supplements

Your doctor may also ask you to use hot compressors or natural healing supplements to help the swelling. A splint to help remodel it and keep it together. Normally these things can be removed in the week after the surgery. The nose may have swelling and bruising that could help them get down.