Dental caries or famously known as tooth decay is the most common oral health problem among young kids. Based on statistics, it’s five times more common than asthma. That’s why Top Health Dental at North Ryde advises to brush right after eating candies and cakes to make sure that the teeth are still clean after eating. But tooth brushing activities for preschoolers can be quite challenging.

Tooth decay should not be left untreated, it can disrupt a child’s ability to learn and concentrate. That’s why parents should learn the most effective ways of tooth brushing activities for preschoolers.

Tooth Brushing should be a Daily Routine

We all know how kids love to imitate adults. As adults, it’s our responsibility to lead by example. Health teaching is very important. Adults must educate their kids in terms of talking about having a healthy teeth and why tooth brushing should be a part of the daily routine. Therefore, the skill to properly brush teeth should be acquired by the child.

While most kids between three and six are capable of brushing their own teeth, it doesn’t automatically mean that they’re doing it properly. Supervision is highly recommended to guarantee not only for the teeth to be clean but for the child not to swallow too much toothpaste. Brushing should be done after a main meal, such as breakfast or lunch.

The Right Toothpaste and Toothbrush

You don’t just buy a toothbrush for your child whose jaw and teeth are still developing. The parent should get one that is age-appropriate, one that’s soft-bristled. A toothbrush with hard bristles can be damaging to the gums and teeth. The head part of the brush should also be small. As the child continues to grow, so does the size of the toothbrush.

Toothbrush should be replaced regularly. Replacement is needed if it is already three months

tooth brushing activities for preschoolersold or if you notice that the bristles are already worn out. Moreover, it’s also recommended to get a new one if the child has just recovered from an illness such as flu or colds.

As for the toothpaste, use the type that contains fluoride and is mint-flavored. Those with candy or fruit flavors will only encourage kids to eat the toothpaste, hence, they’re not recommended. Parents should also confirm if the child is allergic to one or more ingredients on the toothpaste.

It’s also essential that the toothpaste be stored in a secured cabinet, in a location that is out of reach from the kids. It is the parent’s responsibility to distribute the right amount of toothpaste to the child.

Make Tooth Brushing Part of the Routine

There should be a transition flow in which brushing the teeth is part of the child’s routine. For example, once the child finishes his or her meal, do advise to clean up mess on the table before going to the bathroom to brush the teeth.

Parents must supervise the children while brushing their teeth. They can motivate the kids by singing songs together, tell a story or give toys.