Often when a tooth is badly decayed or broken, the dentist will tell the patient that it’s not possible to save the tooth using conventional methods like a root canal and it has to be extracted. While the skill, experience of the dentist, the health of the patient are some considerations while extracting the tooth, one factor which most patients also consider is the tooth extraction cost. They will usually ask their dentist who has advised them to extract the tooth, the cost of extracting the tooth, the time taken, pain experienced, and any other precautions such as what can you eat after wisdom tooth extraction, so that they can decide.

Since the dentist is removing the existing tooth the main cost involved in extraction is that of applying local anesthesia to the patient, so that he or she does not experience any pain while the tooth is being removed, and the cost of the time of the dentist and staff in removing the tooth. It should be noted that the difficulty in extracting the tooth depends to a large extent on the position of the tooth. It is easier to remove the teeth which are located in the front of the mouth, compared to the teeth which are at the back of the mouth since it is difficult to reach that part of the mouth. Hence dentists may charge more for extracting these teeth at the back of the mouth.

tooth extraction costThe cost of tooth extraction also varies depending on the reason for removing the tooth. In some cases, a healthy tooth may have to be removed for braces, to ensure that the teeth are properly aligned. More effort will be required to remove these healthy teeth. In other cases the teeth are already damaged, have broken off, and only pieces are remaining in the mouth. The dentist may charge less for removing teeth which are already broken since less effort will be required. Hence the cost of tooth extraction varies depending on the position of the tooth, condition of the tooth which has to be removed, and the dentist location.