For some, exercising is so difficult and challenging. The travel from home to the gym, the body pains after a tiring workout, and the gym membership fee do not seem to be attractive for other people. But for health enthusiasts, having a balanced diet when you eat and exercise is a way of life. That is why they find ways to bring their workout anywhere they go. Here comes the advantage of having portable exercise equipment at home.

Here are some pieces of portable exercise equipment that you can have at home. Some can be portable enough that you can practically put it in your luggage anytime you travel or work.

Jump rope. This childhood toy we use to play before can now be incorporated as a cardio workout.

Resistance bands. These elastic bands are medical-grade and are first used as part of physical and occupation therapy. As workouts become intense and several PTs are now teaching how to work out by yourself and everywhere you go, mini resistance bands are now available for anyone to use.

Fitness tracker. It started with a pedometer, then an app from a shoe brand, and now a company started Fitbit. This motivational tool that looks like a bracelet or a watch tracks down all your activities in walking or running. You can wear it even if you are not working out just to feel inspired to add some more steps to your everyday stride.

Exercise ball. Boxing, Pilates, yoga, and aerobics use this exercise tool. Abs exercises and other core strengthening gym moves can be done at home using this health tool.

Swimming cap and goggles. If your destination has a swimming pool, why not add this leisure exercise on your list? Having this set of swimming paraphernalia tucked with your swimsuit makes it easier for you to take those extra laps as a form of relaxation and workout.

portable exercise equipmentTraining shoes. What good is a piece of exercise equipment if you cannot be as steady as you move. Shoes intended for running, working out, or playing sports are all designed to make it easier for you to perform these activities. Choose a heart-pounding exercise or workout that suits you and bring reliable footwear with you.