Healing occurs in three distinct overlapping phases namely the Inflammatory phase, Proliferative phase and finally the Remodeling phase. The first few weeks after surgery such as augmentation rhinoplasty is when most healing occurs. All the mentioned phases require Vitamins to aid in the healing processes and protect the body. However, not all vitamins are recommended after surgery.

Vitamins are known to provide fast recovery performing wonders within a person’s body. Vitamins C, for instance, is necessary for building and rebuilding of collagen. Vitamin A supports immune system functioning and aid in collagen strength as well. Vitamin B enhances cellular metabolism, immune system support as well as tissue repair.

All the Vitamins and many more have been proven to be very useful to the human body during recovery. The big question is which vitamins should be avoided? Not all the Vitamins taken into the body will result in quick recovery. Vitamin E, for instance, is one of the vitamins that should be avoided. Surgeons will always tell you to keep Almonds, sunflower seeds and on since they are known to contain a high percentage of Vitamin E.

Vitamins to avoid after surgery 

Vitamins to avoid after surgeryVitamin E is associated with increased bleeding which can result in a hematoma. Increased intake Vitamin E of Vitamin E after the surgery will prolong the healing process. Vitamin E also keeps the body from absorbing Vitamin A, D, and K.

However, Vitamin E may be of great importance to the skin after the healing process. It is used to reduce the appearance of scars and diminish permanent marks. It also smoothens s the skin in general.

Other things to avoid 

There are other supplements that one should avoid entirely, e.g. herbal supplement, ginger, and garlic and so on. Herbal supplements are known to increase or trigger intense bleeding when the wound is slightly tampered with.

Surgeons will always advise their patients to keep off certain food pieces of stuff. This warning should be heed for fast recovery. Healing is a gradual process; allow your body to heal slowly while taking the right nutrients.