When we talk about weight loss, burning fat or slimming down most automatically imagine some strict diet plan or a gym full of complicated equipment and heavy dumbbells. But that isn’t the case. The team of professional surgeons at DrTummyTuckMELBOURNE suggests that you can lose weight with some simple weight loss life hacks as well.

Walking more

Waking to and from work, or to the store can increase your weight loss at a surprising amount. An average person burns more than 200 calories while walking over an hour. To drop a pound per week, you would need to walk between an hour and an hour and a half per day. Simple and easy, yet effective.

weight loss life hacksDrink only water

The majority of people don’t realize how caloric some of their favorite drinks are. Most sodas, even those with low or zero percent sugar cause a lot of damage to your weight loss goals. Substituting sodas with water will slim you down and give you a better feeling of fullness.

Snack fiber-rich foods

We all have to grab a bite here and there and know we shouldn’t. We can’t help it. And you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Everyone has a finite amount of willpower. Nobody is perfect. But be ready for those lapses of willpower. Pack a banana or apple always with you. They are ten times less caloric than a chocolate bar that you can find at your average store.

Be mindful when you eat

Don’t just gobble everything down. Enjoy and notice every bite you eat. Studies have shown that properly chewing and swallowing of your food can increase weight loss up to 10 percent and give you a better feeling of fullness.

Get enough amount of sleep

This is one of the absolute must weight loss life hacks. Sleep is when your body recovers, balances itself and rebuilds. It is absolutely crucial that you sleep the recommended amount every time you go to bed.