Bread is an integral part of the diet in most countries in the world and is the main source of energy. We see in the image that most people consume bread. There are different kinds of bread available in the market, sold by retailers, depending on the ingredients which are being used. However, increasingly doctors and nutritionists worldwide are recommending that people consume wheat bread instead of white bread. One of the reasons why wheat bread has become extremely popular is because it has better nutritional value compared to white bread which was widely consumed earlier.

Details of wheat bread nutrition which have made it popular among health-conscious people are listed below.

wheat bread nutritionIt is important to check the nutritional data which is provided on the packaging of the bread to ensure that it is only made from wheat since there are many other brown slices of bread available which combine different kinds of ingredients. The nutritional value of the wheat bread is directly related to the wheat which is used for making it since many of the wheat properties are retained while the bread is baked. Based on the data provided by regulatory authorities, typically a slice of whole wheat bread sold will have approximately 70 calories and contains approximately 12 grams of carbohydrates.

The other ingredients in the wheat bread are fiber, sugar, protein, and fat. The wheat bread also includes sodium and minerals like iron, magnesium, and selenium which are required for oxygen circulation, muscle functioning, healthy immune system, production of proteins and energy. One of the reasons why brown bread made from wheat is popular is because it is a very good source of fiber, which helps in proper bowel functioning and also reducing the risk of heart disease. Compared to other foods, this bread is low in fat, so it is popular with those who wish to lose weight, and other fitness enthusiasts.