While we need teeth to break down healthy food, teeth need healthy food to function optimally. A disciplined adherence to a balanced diet can ensure that you take up the best foods for healthy teeth.

Nutrients Essential for Healthy Teeth

The best foods for healthy teeth should generally be composed of nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C and high fibre content.

  • Calcium – It’s essential for teeth shaping. It strengthens the enamel.
  • Phosphorus – This mineral strengthens the enamel too. It is essential for strong teeth and bones.
  • Vitamins A and C – The main reason for incorporating vitamins as best foods for healthy teeth is their immune function. Vitamins A and C also help in the development of the gum’s tissues.
  • Fibre – Any healthy diet must have fibre in it. The chewing activity while dealing with fibre gives the teeth and gums enough physical exercises to keep them functioning.

In a nutshell, such nutrients can be found in foods like:

Dairy Foods

A healthy diet list would be incomplete without a bite into cheese and other milk products. Thanks to the copious amounts of calcium in dairy, these foods are the battlefront soldiers for the war against poor dental health. Calcium strengthens enamel and bones.

Green Vegetables

These always sneak their way into most nutritious diets’ lists. Despite most of us maintaining a love-hate relationship with veggies, their minerals and vitamins are essential for boosting immunity and warding off gum disease. A small serving of chewy salad does the magic. Since vegetables are stuffed with fibre, they work the teeth up to physical chewing exercises that ensure oral fitness in terms of strong teeth and gums.


On top of their famed knack of keeping doctors away, apples are crunchy enough to serve as a temporary toothbrush after a quick outdoor meal. Though their calorie levels are high, a single apple helps to churn saliva in the mouth. This neutralises acids that might have accumulated in the mouth after a meal, alongside washing off remnant food particles. Fibre content makes apples best foods for healthy teeth too.


Chewing gum doesn’t seem like a sensible nutritious trait. Even though gum isn’t among your traditional best foods for healthy teeth, the small guilty pleasure in chewing can do a turn-around in teeth hygiene. However, the gum should be sugarless to check on calories. Chewing creates a situation where saliva is produced in the mouth, consequently cleaning away bacteria and harmful acids. Most varieties of gum have calcium in them. It’s advisable though to do a background check to ensure the artificial flavours used are not acidic.

Tooth decay and stained enamel are signs of poor oral hygiene. Decay is a result of sugars accumulating in the mouth and giving ample environment for bacteria to thrive. To prevent stained teeth, it’s advisable to brush teeth after meals or rinse the mouth with water after taking up an acidic beverage.