It’s needless to say that the world is in love with chicken. But what do the doctors say about the health benefits of the chicken? Chicken is a good protein source. It’s called lean protein. Red meat also has protein but with a good amount of fat. Since chicken contains low fat, it can help you in losing your weight.

Eating is one of the pleasures in our life. We want to eat, but at the same time we want to loss weight. Nutritionists find ways for us to eat, but at the same time loss weight in a healthy way. To find out more weight loss programs, you can visit other weight loss blogs to find a way fitted for you in losing weight.

If you love to eat chicken, it can be healthy for you. But there are some methods to consume chicken.

Chicken breasts are good for your weight loss diet plan. Without the skin, the breasts are full of lean protein and very low in fat.

Fried chicken is not healthy, while grilled and roasted chicken can be good for your health. Chicken with vegetables and herbs can produce wonderful healthy recipes.

Now, there can be numerous such recipes. Among these recipes, the best 5 healthy chicken recipes for weight loss are given below.

  1. Chicken soup

Chicken soup is a great recipe. The reason is that the chicken is boiled to cook to make the soup. With carrots, lemon, rice, and corns the soup can be made. You can add a small amount of oil, pepper, and salt to make the dish delicious.

  1. Chicken Tikka Masala

The recipe may have a high amount of calorie, but with some tricks, you can cut the extra calorie. Chicken breast without the skin is required to make the recipe. Turmeric, salt, and curd are required to marinate the chicken. The chicken will be oven cooked. Later just make a lite gravy with little oil. You can eat it with rice or bread.

  1. Chicken with curd (yogurt)

Curd is a healthy food. It helps us to burn our fat. Moreover, you don’t need to add oil when you are using yogurt. With coriander, salt, chilly powder and black pepper you can make a good healthy dish.

Chicken Recipes For Weight Loss

  1. Chicken with Asparagus

Chicken with asparagus is a healthy recipe. This spring vegetable with lemon is a tasty dish. You can add honey, lemon, and grilled chicken to make the dish.

  1. Chicken with mushroom and spinach

Mushroom and spinach are famous for the low-calorie diet. With baked chicken, mushroom and spinach can be added. If you like, you can add some noodles and enjoy your healthy meal.

The above recipes are around 500 calories. But you shouldn’t eat too much chicken. With a reasonable amount of chicken, you can lose your weight slowly.